2024 Annual Commission Update Course
The course will focus on new statutes, Commission Rules and Position Statements, contract revisions and changing standards of practice. The Colorado Real Estate Commission recommends every active licensee complete the current ACU course early in the year.

4 Mandatory Credit Hours
Broker Reactivation Course 2024
The course may be used to renew an inactive license (if the licensee has been inactive or expired for up to 36 months) or to renew an active license if a licensee has missed an Annual Commission Update course. If an ACU course was missed, the BRC is only available for renewal if the licensee did not use this option in the previous license cycle (may not be used in consecutive license cycles), or if the licensee has been inactive or expired for up to 36 months. 
Investment Property Analysis
The analytics presented in this course help brokers identify, analyze, and monetize investment opportunities ranging from one-to-four-unit property, investment grade property, and fix and flips. Application of the information increases analytical and counseling skills including the ability to customize a property search to specific client goals and identify high potential opportunities.

4 Elective Credit Hours
Residential Contracts
This course will assist the practicing real estate broker in mastering the understanding and completion of listing agreements, the Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate and related forms.

4 Elective Credit Hours | Qualified Employing Broker Credit
Brokerage Relationships
This course will make it easy to understand what must be disclosed, when must the disclosure occur, and how to disclose brokerage relationships in everyday circumstances. Application of the information enhances public perceptions, builds trust, and drives client loyalty.

4 Elective Credit Hours | Qualified Employing Broker Credit
Jelly Donuts and the Appraiser
This course is designed to provide an arsenal of valuation tools for brokers and includes numerous application-based case studies. Course goals include increasing CMA skills, accuracy and confidence, learn and use simple techniques to better understand your local market, avoid lost transactions due to appraisal issues and become a superior real estate counselor. These goals are accomplished through a higher understanding of simple appraisal concepts and techniques.

4 Elective Credit Hours
Brokerage Administration
This Broker Administration course is required to upgrade license status to Employing Broker. In addition to this 24 hour course, additional requirements for license upgrade includes 50 "Points" accumulated through some combination of course work, additional education, delegated supervisory authority and/or mentorship. These additional requirements are set forth in Commission Rules. This course also provides 12 hours of elective credit towards license renewal.

12 Elective Credit Hours